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WINKUP 201407 | Like-minded (kentaro yasui keigo hagiya) [Jun. 12th, 2014|04:37 pm]
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Yasui Kentaro × Hagiya Keigo
From a drama to a musical the two who have had lots of activities together: Yasui & Hagiya.

In rehearsal for the musical that starts on the 9th, “Ocean’s 11”, the two called their experience “fresh” and “different from the ordinary”. Well, what was that experience?

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Translation Notes:
* - i know this is in here but here i’ll link to the original japanese, if you see any discrepancies let me know: http://pastebin.com/Dbk16Qvh

** he used ニコイチ and the dictionary entry for this is : Combining the working parts of two or more broken machines to make one functioning machine. HOW CUTE

*** not particularly the word he used (or at least its not in the dictionary but it seemed correct and more elegant than ‘fall’)

originally posted on my tumblr: x

I will be cross-posting any translations I do of Hagi's stuff from now on ^^
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